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best version for these games?
(05-29-2017, 09:55 PM)refraction Wrote: Don't be deceived by videos. If they recorded them directly from GSDX, they could have been running at 2fps, the resulting video would still be 60fps solid.

As for the judder, I'm not too sure, it would be interesting if something spams the console window when that happens (of course you'll  have to enable the console window in the menu first Tongue)

something is seriously off about this.. sotc is unplayble the frame rate drops and audio slows. as soon as i go near a giant. I gave up with it and went to give MGS2 a go and it was running ok. much more playble then SOTC then my emulator crashed. and when i booted it up again.  the % was stuck on 60. and everything was slow. never went to 100..i tryd turning settings back to default..same issue. tested on SOTC aswell and same stuck on 60%  then i deleted the whole folder it created in my documents and started over with setup and it was back to 100% again.. but still on sotc performance is awfull..i dont understand. even at native im not getting full 100% on the emulator. and its slowing down.this dose not seem right considering my hardware.

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