best way to install Nvidia 32bit driver?
I just recently changed from Ubuntu 32 bit Quantal back to Precise due to major xorg problem that occurred. I figured I would try 64 bit again as I haven't done so in years. So my question is...what is the best way to install the 32bit Nvidia driver. I use a Nvidia GeForce 220 graphics card. I typed in sudo apt-get install nvidia-current:i386. The outcome was attached. I didn't install.

I don't feel comfortable with the idea of changing all these noted libraries to 32bit as I think it could damage my system. Also, I know that dkms 32bit won't work for virtualbox I am running with XP guest. What is the best way to install this driver?

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The goal of multiarch isn't a replacement of 64bits by 32 bits but a way to install both in the same time.

The log says that one of the dependency isn't installable, you need to find which one first. Then why isn't possible!
Strange...sometimes when I want to install i386 version of a dependency Ubuntu wants to take regular 64 bit version of dependencies away. Oh well. Anyways, I use jockey-gtk and the drivers for the Nvidia card installed and they work perfectly with PCSX2. Tongue

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