best way to upgrade pcsx2?
hey all.
What's the most tidy way to upgrade?
Do you simply past the new files into the old emu folder, overwriting everything?
Or simply just start from the newer folder, transferring BIOS, memory cards etc from the old?

Just keen to know what is the norm regarding this, before I screw anything up.

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PCSX2 is rather versatile in that manner. Savestates/memory cards/configs changes rarely if ever. Meaning it's pretty safe to keep saves/bios/memory cards/settings in your user\documents or any other random folder you wish and just point the new pcsx2 version to get it from there. This way you can also keep more than 1 version to use same config files/savestates etc. in case you would be testing something with different builds or just want to use new version without bothering to copy anything.
As far as savestates are concerned... they will NOT work between major versions (say 0.9.6, 0.9.7, 0.9.8). They MAY work between SVN releases but they could end up getting corrupted/broken/etc because of changes to emulation.
[Image: 2748844.png]
From 0.97, it's best to uninstall 0.97 and then install 0.98. Especially important after installing the new version is to make sure that GameIndex.dbf is loaded properly (make sure you got no console error regarding this file).
Thanks for that. Very helpful.

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