beta testers
What does beta teser do?And how he do it?

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They test...Beta versions of pcsx2. I guess the pcsx2 coders send them the new beta so they can test it to see if it solved/create any bugs and then, if everything went according to coders plans, they make it a public beta. Or something like that. =P
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They not test, they report findings in easy to underestand for developers maner. Tests could be made in automatised way, but correct reporting is way to hard. Most of "bugreports" from decent man are useless.
Alot of people visit the repository, compile svns, then give feedbacks if something breaks or has been fixed.
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The way the SVN is setup, basically anyone can beta test the emulator as changes are made... I think official beta testers are those with practical experience in the field who can give truly constructive advice on what could be breaking a game, and where really to focus on. Or at least have a dedication great enough to go through hundreds of old revisions to test when games get broken to help find the solution.
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