better Configuration?
HI all! I'm shamefully using my first post to get some help/suggestions Blush

Well i've just got this wonderful software and started making some tests...

I used the configuration manual around the site, but i feel like i'm doing something wrong, because i get underwhelming performances Tongue

My pc is a dell xps 630i, it has got a 4 core @ 2,66ghz dual nvidia 9800 and 4 GB of ram.

I used VP: Silmeria as my test game. Tried with AAx3 and 1280x720 resolution and got around 40 fps. I expected more, so i tried lowering the AA to 1X.

Same framerate. Blink so i tried lowering the resolution to 800x600 or such, certain to get a speed boost and... you guessed right, same framerate gain Biggrin

what can i do to make things smoother, and is it normal for the framerate to be unaffected by resolution and AA?

lastly is my pc underpowered for pcsx2?

Many, many thanks in advance for your help!

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I think u should reduce AA to 0 and try to use frame skip or VU stealing. Since it's a laptop, don't expect to much
laptop? it's a gaming desktop!Tongue
Haha fail.Try resetting pcsx2 settings.Normally when you reduce AA fps goes up.If you are using GSDX use native res
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Ok thanks, i tought it would take the changes right away! what are your suggestions for a good configuration?


So my processor is a Q9400 at 2,66ghz, oddly enough the losd on the cores is quite low while running the emu... does it uses the multi cores?

also as a last thing i seem to get this weird video error while running silmeria, some lines cutting the video... see the attachment please.

any clue?

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You need a faster CPU for this game to run full speed, something around the lines of 3.5GHz.

The lines are a glitch using hardware renderer, solved using software ones or enabling the alpha hack in the GSdx.ini file in recent GSdx plugin like the one included in the PCSX2 0.9.7 beta.
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thanks for the reply. I've kept tinkering with settings and it seems it can run more or less decently in 960x with safe speedhacks and low cycle stealing....

i saw that 4 cores are useless right now and that support is not expected soon, in any case, having the support for four cores how much would teorically speed things up? a 20%? i could teorically OC the system up to 3GHZ but i don't feel easy about that...

lastly concerning those graphical errors it sems the pop out only when i use load state feature, while if i let the emu run and load from memcard they won't happen...

ps: how well do you run games and with wich resolution on your pc? i ask just to get a figure how much difference does the processor speed make.
how do you think they'll figure out the speed increase if even work on "optimizing" to quad core isn't being done?
i tought there was a "theoretical" expected change...

BTW, what is supposed to work better (faster), higher internal resolution and low AA, or low ir and higher aa?
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Running slow! T_T
(07-29-2010, 10:47 AM)karsten Wrote: i tought there was a "theoretical" expected change...

BTW, what is supposed to work better (faster), higher internal resolution and low AA, or low ir and higher aa?

If only it was that easy, but I'm no pcsx2 developer... let's wait their confirmation here...

As for me, close to monitor resolution + AA works best but only if my GPU can handle it of course. Why don't you test it yourself anyway?

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