big problem!!
i have a problem and dont know what to do i hope someone can help me
so when i turn on the program i have a massege wich say
virtual memory access denied
failed adding se_lock_memory privilege please check...
the problem that i didnt find the location of what its say because its dond exsist so what do to how can the program work
please help me

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With Windows Vista Right Click > Run as Administrator
its no use its the same i already tried this
and i have a massage that cant find bios what to do ?
someone have a better program?
and in win xp?
READ please,after you're done,come back
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try not the VM build but the TLB one.

Anyway most certainly it is the known Vista issue so reboot your system and start PCSX2 immediately after boot up. Sometimes I also get this error and then only a reboot helps Sad.

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