big request Gow1 PAL
hi mates,

i have a small problem with god of war 1. it works with 30-40 fps lil slow but its ok for me.

her the problem: after the first powerup -poseidon sequenz- directly one step before a savepoint next tho the first boss hydra the game frezzes in a white screen.

i have tried all ajustments in pcsx2 i even tried to load savegames from but those dont work cause there are no pal versions and the safe games are all finished so i have no use for those savegames cause i would still have the white screen freeze.

it would be nice if someone could tell me how to fix this problem.
if there is no solution maybe someone could up a save game from the second or third save point in the game. that would be awsome but if it should be a save game of the pal version. thxBiggrin

sry for my poor englishBlush

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i think you need to use the skip-mpeg patch to skip the video
[Image: 2ymccqu.jpg]
[Image: 17715.png]
It doesn't work with the PAL version, you can only do it with the NTSC one afaik. So you can't play God of War 1 PAL yet until the bug gets fixed
[Image: newsig.jpg]
ahh ok thanx for the answer.

do u know if this white screen error is only on at the first power up or does it appear trhougout the game??
if it appears throughout i think even a pal savegame wont help me
It's at each power you get so yes it is throughout the game
[Image: newsig.jpg]
you will stuck as all PAL players did in the middle of the game. so, give up on this version, find NTSC.
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