black borders with CG in FFXII
Hi, I'm brand new to using the PCSX2 emulator so I apologize if this has an obvious answer that I'm missing. I'm playing FFXII and for the most part everything is fine and this isn't game breaking by any means, simply annoying. During normal play the game is full screen but during CG cutscenes it switches to having a black border, and the actual screen part is in the top portion with the bottom third black.

Is there a way to make it full screen or at the very least centered? I tried doing a search on this issue and the only solution that I found was to render it with software rather than hardware which failed to do the trick. Any tips would be welcome.

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FF12 FMVs use that space to display subtitles. This isn't emulation specific.
Ah, I see. Thanks for letting me know, just turned on the subtitles and its exactly as you said.

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