black lines
its been ahile sice i last used the emulator
im a having a problem with atelier Iris and Ar tonelico
when i start the game the have this black lines
i tried removing the texture filtering and 8 bit texture doesnt work
native resolution lessens the thickness of the black lines
is there a way to fix this so that i can play on higher resolution?
sorry for the bad english
thanks in advance Smile

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there are some res that can avoid it on namco games.
maybe it's the same for atelier iris...

try 1200*1200 as a custom internal res
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i tried 1200x1200 and
the lines are still there T_T
thanks for the reply
im experimenting on the res if i can get a clear one Smile

software mode totally remove the lines
Software mode don't use custom D3D resolution and that's why the problem is gone.
Are those 2.5D games actually get any better than Native if you use custom resolution or scaling.

Try enabling Native while using some of the Hardware modes
If what you meant was:

1. In game black lines

Native resolution should fix it

2. Weird lines inside character (saw it in Atelier Iris)

Enable "Sprite" hack in GSdx at full

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