black screen on game load! my config is perfect what gives?
Hey everyone, i used to use this emulator a lot back in the day, and now i'm trying to run some of my game dvds and ripped isos.

i have a 2600k cpu and gtx 260 video card, win 7 64 full updates/latest dx

tried the latest revision and 0.9.8 from the website.

tried the iso plugin, cddvd plugin (for my game discs), gsdx plugin, etc. config is perfect...i have used this emulator in the past.

can anyone tell me if something has changed in the new versions that cause a black screen on game load? fps info on top of window keeps toggling, program isn't frozen, just stays on black screen.

whats uP?


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false alarm! bios issues....changed from original jap bios
LoL.... Glare

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