bleach blade battlers 2nd strange behavior
well yesterday i decided to try out this game (bleach fan here Tongue), and the speed is horrible with or without speedhacks, but there is something really strange, EE is at 25-30 % while GPU is at 95-100 % !!!, and the fps are 23-30 out of 60,whats happening here its a bug or something?.
Oh btw latest revision up to date and using dx10 with default settings and native with no AA at all

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are you in software mode by chance?
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nope its dx10 hardware mode, and software mode is faster in-game but slower than hardware during bankais (special videos) really strange
try using dx9 hw mode, see if that helps i guess!

btw, are you using the latest beta?
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lastest beta and stable beta all with the same problem,dx9 has the same problem
ZeroGS? lol, if not i dunno Wacko maybe your 240 GT just cant take it Tongue
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@ refraction

Refraction you cant be saying that seriously ? My gt240 should be enough for most games in native, anyway gonna test zerogs...
This problem has always been there sadly...
But this is a weird one.
The GS is almost always at max. 90%+
And for no apparent reason, it t will it self from time to time with no screen change.

Example, the speed came back after 30sec that the game was set au pause and it played well for +- 1 minutes.

There is something wrong like a loop or not enough buffer , I don't know.

It seems to be related to character on screen tho. If no character, speed is good. 1 character is ok here 2 is problematic 4 is unplayable.

But like I say, even with 2+ character it sometime magically fix itself for a few second or minute if you are lucky.

This problem happen with any GS plugin be it hardware or software.

Disabling the GS output fix the problem but you obviously know the impact of this option Tongue

BTw guys, Im even willing to give a donation to the dev who fix this problem !! Smile
well then all i can suggest is you play with the skipdraw hacks on gsdx (search the forum how to turn them on) no doubt the game is doing something freaky for post processing which is killing it
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so refraction can i post a issue for this on google code ?

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