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[blog] Measuring the Benefits of wxWidgets
(12-06-2009, 09:09 PM)Air Wrote: Doesn't matter to me. I know exactly all the code changes I'll need to do to port 2.8 to 2.9/3.0 .. Convert connect to bind, fix a few char* function overloads that wx3.0's wxString handles internally, add some features that I've already marked with [TODO]s .. that's about it. And Win64 isn't any concern of ours for now, and won't be for quite a while yet (a year, perhaps).

Okay. How much of wxWidgets UI has been completed?
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About 75% I guess. Maybe 66%-ish, depending on how important you rank the debugger (which is not yet even started). The only major interface addition remaining at this time is the Memorycard Manager -- plus lots of tweaking yet to do, of course.

There's also the issue of the patch manager, which we're trying to decide on it's level of integration or outsourcing it as a plugin instead.
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