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[blog] Nightmare on Floating-Point Street
Graphics cards CAN handle complex math at speed, but only if it is repetative math, not like PCSX2 does. So doing it on a graphics card is likely to be slower.

these days (since this blog was done) the floating point support has been greatly improved, so it isnt like it use to be.
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Thats good.
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The issue with the graphical card is that the data have a very big latency. The time you send the data to the gpu and get back the result you can compute it 100 times on your cpu... It might change with APU.
GPUs either suck at FP64(1/8 FP32 speed for Fermi,1/4 for 69x0,1/5 for 58x0) or don't support it all (all other ATI cards). The Quadro 5K/6K do it at 1/2 speed but a i7 990X is cheaper.

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