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[blog] Threading VU1
(09-29-2011, 07:55 PM)hell321 Wrote: is it impossible for EE booster?

we already have a bunch of EE speedhacks, the slider and checkboxes on the left side of the speedhacks dialog are "EE boosters" like you wanted.
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EE speedhack i got used very huge slowdown only VU mild got use only

EE 33% and EE 50% huge slowdown on emotion engine cpu speed if use + vu mid stealing and full stealing = super huge slowdown EE cpu speed

is it impossible for make EE booster reduce the load but does not cost EE cpu default speed?

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MTVU causes freeze with savestate on Shadow Hearts 2 Covenant.

Go to a store, buy tab,and several consecutive savestate.

With MTVU activate ==> Freeze quickly
Without MTVU ==> No problem

No other speedhack activated, try the 20 latest SVN .

then don't use savestates.
It'S known that MTVU breaks some games.

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I did not say otherwise, I just report it ...

That's it Smile
hmm why MTVU only work for VU 1 not together with VU0???

cost VU 0 do alot of work than VU 1

based on ps2 hardware

Vector Units: VU0 and VU1 (Floating Point Multiply Accumulator × 9, Floating Point Divider × 1), 32-bit, at 150 MHz.

VU0 typically used for polygon transformations optionally (under parallel or serial connection), physics and other gameplay based things
VU1 typically used for polygon transformations, lighting and other visual based calculations (Texture matrix able for 2 coordinates (UV/ST)[47])
Parallel: Results of VU0/FPU sent as another display list via MFIFO (E.G. complex characters/vehichles/etc.)
Serial: Results of VU0/FPU sent to VU1 (via 3 methods) and can act as an optional geometry pre-processor that does all base work to update the scene every frame (E.G. camera, perspective, boning and laws of movement such as animations or physics)

i find it weird it MTVU only boost VU 1 not together with VU 0

no offend
i only question
Vu0 is more than just a vector unit, it is also the co processor 2 in the ps2. To move it would mean moving the EE too, which to be quite frank, would be counter productive.
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VU0 programs transform data for further processing while VU1 can send data straight on to the GS and is thus often used in a fire and forget fashion, making it more thread friendly. VU0 is also not used heavily in most games, in fact many don't use it at all.

EDIT: refraction, that's not really the case. For sanity COP2 instructions can't really be used while VU0 microprograms run, they can be considered independent units from our point of view. (VU0 microprogram control is normally accomplished through the integer registers, not the float ones.)
The point was more the overhead from pushing it across the different threads she the ee is so tightly linked in, at least I think that's what cotton told me.
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