breack point in .hack G.U rebirth
hi iv compiles pcsx2 succesfully, i am curently running kh2 with no problems at all, but since today that i updated to rev 560 and compield it, it seems like its forcefully compiling in debug mode when im making shure its on release, the game crashes second after the first monster battle with a breack point crash, and to my extent pcsx2 only reports break points when its compiled to debug, so yea any help would be apreciated

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delete and checkout / revert your svn folder.

And a break point is no crash at all Smile
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ok will do

edit:yep still dont work here a pic of the crash

[Image: th_23618_.hack_break_point_122_179lo.jpg]

edit2: ok then whats a break point enlighten me =)

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