budokai tenkaichi 3
hi all.. my problem is that everytime i run the game the windows says "game running" but all i have is a black screen

Black screen




I try running changing the bios and graphics but same result

My hardware:

c2d 2.5 ghz
2 gb ram bus 800
Integrate video (gma) x3100
Windows vista ultimate 32 bits

I hope someone could halp me

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(03-17-2009, 02:52 AM)^2Pac Wrote: I try running changing the bios

hmmm Closedeyes
I assume you meant "i redumped my bios"

Try changing your CD/DVD plugin to Linuzappz, unmount your ISO from DT and try again
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Ok first:
If you're running directly from your fdvd,use Peops cdvd plugin. If you're running it from an ISO use linuzapps iso like jesalvein said.
Second,use Lilypad as both pad 1 and pad 2 plugin
Third,use SPU2-X instead of ZeroSPU2 and finally use the SSE4 version of GSdx.
Go to advanced and click default and in speed hacks make sure everything is unchecked / default
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thanks now it works... but i still can`t make the game run with the .iso file, so i burned it and ran it direct from the dvd and it worked.

All i need now is a graphic card to make it playable XD thanks again

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