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[bug] 007 agent under fire
bug - first person gameplay runs faster than normal (ai, music, movment, weapons, sounds etc) all sped up.

bug - driving missions run fine except for the terrain under the vehicle flickers constantly while driving (black)

slowdown on some levels, most noticeable at the beginning of the oil rig level and when in the pump room fps drops a bit but still playable.

dx9 - halves fps. (30-40)
dx11 - normal fps. (60)

the game is playable with the glitches.

been like this for as long as i can remember up to the latest build.

oh this game doesn't like MTVU, causes bad slowdown making it unplayable.

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This game is already on the list of Games that don't work well with MTVU

Not a valid bug report, moving.

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