[bug Report].Hack//Gu Rebirth/Reminisce
Hello guys

Let me start off by saying this is not a gfx error and i did do a search on the forums and i couldn't find anything

Well heres the thing i just finished .hack//gu rebirth and popped in reminisces and when it told me i had no data saved i was confused so i skipped it and when i went to convert the data there was none

i was wondering if this was a common problem because i think its weird that the memory cards don't carry over from game to game

i was wondering if this is normal or not
System Specs
Amd phenon II x4 3.0ghz
nvidia gts 450 overlocked
4gigs ram
1tb harddrive

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nvm i found out how im just dumn...... its late dont be mad
As soon as you have the same region for both games (both NTSC or both PAL for example) and you have a clear data save in the rebirth game then it can be loaded just fine in the next game, it's not a problem with the emulator as many people (myself included) have been able to use it normally.

Edit: -_-
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