[bug] extermination pal
hello guys im reporting a bug in extermination pal as since i move around the screen freezes, buy when i movie into different areas of the game it speeds up my machine and one and not least, when i play extermination in pal i get this wierd message in the pcsx2 svn 609 tlb console its saying

if you not playing fatal frame please report this please! unknown vifcmd: 43

can someone or somebody please help please im really getting anoyed by the what this message comes up like this.

Nicholas Hebert

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Ok, this is what I wanted when i wrote that message.
So please, tell me exactly what happens when that message pops up.
Does the game work? Does it hang?
If it doesn't work, try an older version of the emulator (the playground release (revision 395)) and see if that fixes it.
rama the game works fine but when you move around into different areas of the game there's alot of freezing, skipping when i move to go back to the drwal bridge you can see your own character reflex while you move around into different areas of the game, but i really think its gsdx 1.14 issue, but what im trying to say is that when you look at the pcsx2 console its says that,

if you not playing fatal frame please report this please unknown vicmd: 43

Can somebody or someone fix this if the pcsx2 svn 609 tlb console is saying that same message please?
Ok, this line is no bug! It's a message I left in for people to report broken games when it happens.
So, if your game runs then it's ok. I don't know what's causing the bugs you describe though.

Edit: You can just disable the console and the message will be gone! lol
But rama when you movie around into different levels of the game you can see a reflection of the same chracter while your person or charicter is moving around into and throw out the whole game and it slows down the fram rate of the actual game, i love playing extermination and i thing its a great cool awsome game but its not awsome with bugs into the whole game.

i want someone or somebody to test this game out and get me a reply after testing please to make shure its a safe game to play, thank you.

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