[bug] extermination pal
Rama, I have play this game today and im still seeing a reflection of denis in the actual game thats slowing down my fps frame rate and when i pick up certain objects in hardware or software mode, its making my fvm video or movies laggy, can someone or somebody help me please? thank you

Nicholas Hebert

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No, not me, I don't know why this happens. Play another game Tongue2
rama i will play another game then,but i want someone or somebody to report as a bug in the actual game in gsdx software or hardware mode, can that be done please?
Yeah, we know about it now. Just keep trying the game on never revisions, maybe it gets fixed, maybe not.
We don't usually fix specific games only (usually! ) Tongue2
He seems to like you Rama Tongue2.

Anyways as of my last testing of this game (Extermination was the 1st ps2 game I ever bought it being one of the release games for it) this game didn`t run very well in pcsx2. Ran quite slow (15-30 fps at best).

This game starts off really average and then gets really good later on. Hope to see it running well in the future.
Old habits die hard - System Shock
yeah icemann any more test on this game extermination? what about the video? when you move around it goes fast but because there's a reflection in the game its slowing down game speed or fps, idk why anyone would want to play this game if theres a bug in the gsdx plugin!!!!!.
Well you would play it on your ps2 worst comes to worst.
Old habits die hard - System Shock
i know icemann but you see i have a v9 ps2 that missing a v9 motherboard and a slim ps2 thats unchip and it works, but im saving my money for a brand new v9 motherboard and modify my v9 ps2 and the modchip i have is an Apple Red Ex modchip to have it install it on any model of my ps2 unit and on top of that i got a great notebook that i have right now.
OK, this is NOT a bug report.
This does NOT follows the bug reporting guidelines anyway either

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