[bug] extermination pal
krakatos, I have talk to bositman,icemann and ramma and they have told me directly that in the game is a bug in the gsdx hardware and software and icemann tested the game and yet, i think there's a slow down somewhere, but bositmann told me to bear with it, because it may be the revisions of pcsx2 pp and the betas, now compiling your stuff krakatos doesn't mean going ahead and play the game, it means that we all have to wait nicely for a reply to bositmann and the others, because they are the pros and you mabe be a pro krakatos, but if i where you, i would wait and make shure it is fix, thank you everyone for helping me out, but its not fix at all.

Nicholas Hebert

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Ok now, this is the third topic you open about the SAME game. And you have managed to completely miss the point in the other 2

Let's make things clear once and for all.

Speed issues are NOT bugs
Gsdx problems are NOT pcsx2 bugs. If you want, report them to gabest.
And if you post something in the bug reporting forum ignoring the guidelines, I WILL close it.
ok thank you, i will, but do i need to take screen shots or do i just report the bug to him in gsdx in the plugin?

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