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[bug] extermination pal
Hello Gabest i have play extermination in hardware and software mode and yet, whenever i play this game, I see a reflection of the same character name denis up on the screen and yet it slows down my fps fram speed when i move around, when i go back between the draw bridge and the other areas its still slowing down my fps frame speed and blocking my move ments and my view, can you please help me gabest? thank you.

Nicholas Hebert

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Ok this is it.You've posted the same thread about 10 times already! This is a bug and it will be fixed if / when the authors find time.There is no need to spam the entire forum for 2 days with it.
I'll leave this open in the scarce case someone has any idea,which I highly doubt
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sorry bossitman,but can you please undo my warning level to 0,i appoligize for the inconvinence.
No I won't,but if I see some good posts of yours in the future,I will consider revoking it.
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