bug in FFX at saving al bhed primer
well first a picture sometimes sais more than 1000 words Smile

[Image: bgxsvthd.jpg]

The Text in the middle of the screen: "NO AL-BHED-LEXIKON-FILE FOUND"

I'm running european PAL version of the game, obviously german, and im running an iso which i made myself from the original FFX PS2 disc i own. The iso was made with LCISOcreator.

Emulator settings:
-version r1888 beta with newest plugins DX10 mode

the NTFS compression mode in the memcard options is disabled. But changing that had no effect.

i also found two other guys at this forum who seem to have the same problem but there was no solution Sad im gonna try out a different FFX version than mine, maybe it'll help.

greez, frist post so hope everything is how its supposed to be Rolleyes

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Huh? the game looks in your memory card if you had completed at least partially the al-bhed dictionary before and saved to memory card, did you? If not it will just start as if you hadnt to complete it again.

Or i'm not understanding what bug this is?
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I can't see an image. All I get is a message saying 'No hotlinking allowed'.
[Image: yunacopy.jpg]
Ah wait, I understand now... that isnt the location of the first albhed dictionary volume which is probably what you thought. You can only load the older saves that contain al bhed data there and 3 things can happen there: 1) you dont have any saves at all in which case it will show "no ffx data found", 2) you have a save with dictionary volumes found in which case it will say "al bhed dictionary succesfully loaded", and 3) you have a FFX save but havent found any albhed volume so it will say "no albhed data found" which is what you're getting at the moment. The location of the first albhed file comes later and is where you meet the albhed and riku in the boat later.

Anyway doesnt look like a real bug report so moving this out.
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so what you say is, that its normal at this point of the game that i cant pick up that sphere? :o

in this case i guess u can slap me around now Laugh thx for the very fast help anyway!
Those spheres are kind of like save spheres, ie. you don't pick them up.

Except they don't save at all; rather, they load any Al-Bhed progress you have made in any of the other FFX saves on your current memory card (achieved through collecting the various Al-Bhed Primers). If you don't actually have any other FFX saves, then the sphere does nothing.
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(10-29-2009, 12:18 PM)Clouds Wrote: so what you say is, that its normal at this point of the game that i cant pick up that sphere? :o

Yes, that one is meant only to load your old FFX saves containing already picked up albhed volumes so you can read the albhed text on the right side of that area, and if you have just started the game you cant do a thing.
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