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[bug report] Forbidden Siren 2 [Pal]
(04-02-2016, 12:26 PM)Lone Killer Wrote: As additional info, the problem is now solved. It was not related to PCSX2 version, but to DVD plugin. Using included gdvdGigahertz 0.9, also PCSX2 1.4 have the same problem.

I created an ISO and used emulator ISO selector, and the game works like a charm. Even boot is OK now.

Do you have any DVD plugin you can suggest to use instead of Gigahertz? It would be useful to have an alternative.

Many thanks for your kind suggestion.
Try peopscdvd, it's been known to work where Gigahertz doesn't.

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It should probably be fixed now with CDVD-gigaherz , Turtleli pushed some fixes for these kind of issues.
Yeah try the gigaherz plugin from on of these builds:
It should be working now
[Image: newsig.jpg]
EDIT: Ninja'd

I hope the turtleli commits solve this, but it seems odd that it goes back to the Bios. I don't believe any other DVD9 game issues included that.
Thanks to all for help.

I used Gigahertz dated March 2016 and it worked perfectly. For info in case it is needed, all versions up to January 2016 had this problem.
I just want to confirm what Lone Killer said above:

Forbidden Siren 2 enormous bugs spree on PCSX2 1.4.0 can be solved by using never than 0.9 version of Cdvd-Gigahertz plugin.
Finally i was able to enjoy of hardware rendered smooth gameplay, with nearly ZERO bugs or glithes!

-In CDVD section choose plugin, not a game iso
-In plugin selector choose your virtual DVD drive letter
(Physical game disc in pc's DVD drive work in one mission only. Game stops responding when another one starts. Application hungs, screen goes pitch black, then crashes. I've tested it on a few different emulator builds, with the same, strange effect)
-Mount game.iso to your selected virtual DVD drive
-Launch PCSX2 and start Forbidden Siren 2.

(Important: Game's native resolution must remain unchanged, CRC Hack level - set to minimum or none)
Did we ever change the version number after turtleli fixed it?

oh well Tongue
A restest on latest git should be done to verify the status of this game/bug.

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