[bug report] Mortal Kombat Armagedon PCSX 0.9.6
Hi, when I run Mortal Kombat Armagedon in PCSX 0.9.6 it runs great but when I try to enter a battle it is stoped by the vista by the dep system and when I tried to disable dep on PCSX it said it must run in dep. And when I run it in 0.9.4 it runs in half the speed with half of graphic quality but it can be played fully. It isn't stoped by vista's dep but it does stop responding rarely. And 0.9.6 runs great on vista runing my dbz games even the budokai tenkaichi 3 and infinite world run great without stopping ever, not in full speed but it's great for an emulator Smile. Please help. Thanks in advance.

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Did you even read the sticky "How to use this forum, read BEFORE posting!" in this forum?
I'll soon start handing out warnings for crap in this forum.
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As far as i know this game os working great i mean graphically despite of the speed obviously for my specs,using the latest beta,try that
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I'm sorry for not testing the new beta first and not sending the config specs of my pcsx 0.9.6. I'm at work now but I'll test it when I get home. If it still doesn't work I'll give a full report on the bug.

I don't think that it's about my pc specs because it's
Core2duo 3.0
4 GB 1033 MHz hyperx
gt8500 graphics
Moving out of here anyway. Works perfectly as well here ( full speed too)
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I played all the Mortal Kombat games on some of the 14xx revisions and they all worked flawless, try those if you have problems with newer betas.
thx for the help, and sorry for bothering you. It works great with the beta version on 100% fps. Thx again bye

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