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[bug report] Wipeout Fusion
(03-04-2012, 06:57 PM)davew_uk Wrote: As I've said already - the developer doesn't need you to triage his bug reports for him. If he decides to investigate this, he'll find out what the actual problem is.

you forget that this here a community forum not your private bug report session with immediate action by the developer. and as that... @rama (who is 1 of the coders of pcsx2!!!) responded and told you it's not a bug but your own technical or software issue. end. Wink

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In short, I think he's wrong. But we're flogging a dead horse here, its like kindergarten.

Have fun kids, best of luck with the software.
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@davew_uk , Im really sorry you feel this way. As mentioned though , this is a community, so we all try to help where possible, and lots of the folk that answered you have been using Pcsx2 for a LONG time. Rama pointed out your GPU was at 100% hence your bottle neck. If there is some strange bug that only effects your sli configuration then okay, but you should contact your driver or cards manufacture as to whats causing the problems. Many people here are using ATI cards and your the first ive heard of with this problem. Also id say its more like Uni (collage) school Tongue , most of the guys around here are 25+ extending up into the 40`s
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Also it's not like Gabest could just pop in his Radeon Obscurion and debug this Tongue2
I'm sorry but I really dislike your attitude.
"I'm having this problem"
"Ah yes we've seen this 100 times before, the problem is this"
well sorry our answer doesn't please you but that's the issue. If you didn't want an honest answer, why ask in the first place.

We appreciate people reporting problems but emulation can be more intensive than any PC game, so some games require better hardware/drivers to cope. If this is the problem we can't just fix it, especially if its hardware we do not own.
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Quote:If this is the problem we can't just fix it, especially if its hardware we do not own.

Let's be clear on this. The problem is the full-motion video slowing down, not gameplay. Surely the FMV is decoded on the CPU and just blitted onto the screen frame by frame? does it not strike you as odd that one particular GPU seems to struggle whereas another doesn't? it's a fair point that you don't have the hardware to test it. It's also fair to say that you can't tackle every single case where there's an unexpected FPS drop because, for a lot of users, the unexpected FPS drop either comes from poor hardware or poor configuration - especially when you go in game. But what is not fair to say that this is -not- a bug: whether or not it is a bug in *your* code, or a bug in ATI's driver, or in some other way a bug that you can or cannot fix is a completely different matter.

Either way, I can skip the FMV and not worry about it. After several fairly intense faffing sessions I now have the game running fast and looking good anyway and barely notice the issue now.

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