[bug report] dbz budokai tenkaichi 3
i am using pcx2 0.9.6.

my pc

1 gb ram
geforce 7300gt 512mb
windows xp sp3

dbz budokai tenkaichi 3 runs perfectly but the screen blinks while i fight.

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not a valid bug report.

Use gsdx 0.1.5 or make an iso of your game and convert it to ntsc
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RAM : 16 Go
thanks now it works but the game is running slow plz help?
Try the latest beta and the latest plugins, they will give you more speed. Also try some speed hacks, but not all of them at once. Enable one, loof if it helps, deactivate it, enable the next a.s.o. When you're done, enable all the ones that helped you, should be a significant improvement.

Additionally you can set the "Clamp Mode" to "None", which will either give you a speedup or break your game^^.
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thank u soooo much.it works perfectly.

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