build question
hey guys so i decided to compile pcsx2, i downloaded everything and it compiled just fine but heres the catch, i dont know if did something wrong or what but when i run kh2 i get a GSOD whenever i use vuskip and if im not mistaken you guys alredy fixed that, or part of it, also how do i know if the rev im compiling is the latest one, does the svn get updated automatically?

so yea i hope this is the right section to post this
thx for the help and keep up the good job.

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If you right click on the folder and click "SVN Update", it'll attempt to update to the latest version, and at the end, it should display in the status window which revision you updated to, assuming you're using TortoiseSVN. I've been trying every latest release so far to see what might be causing Persona 4 to crash, though, I haven't had any real luck in determining the cause. Sad
ok i did that now im shure im compiling 657, and no idea about persona man =/
anyways thx for the help man

edit:yo now that i compiled rev 657 i too am getting crash in kh2 the game wont load, might be the memory card if i remeber right old mem cards are not compatible with the new svn's

edit2: i did the memory card fix thing and still wont load the save game hmm
No idea about that, though you could probably try some different settings/plugins to see if something is causing a conflict, but then again, maybe that game is just a little picky. Wink

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