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can anyone tell me...
Pls, can anyone tell me what the cheats and patches for pcsx2.i think cheats are for cheating (like cheat codes).but what about patches? Pls tell me about both of them with full explanation.

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it's basically the same.
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Cheat codes are well cheat codes. Patches can be used for cheat codes but many other things as well. Widescreen hacks for a specific game for example. Or if a certain part of the game locks up. A patch can be made to skip a video or something like that.
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I think patch has a more positive connotation, i.e. fixing bugs, glitches, improving stability, etc, like how you patch a wound with a band-aid, whereas cheat doesn't.
In the PCSX2 they were once the same and called patches. Now the patches are meant for those fixes some games need to perform well or perform at all (the same you see at the "Game fixes" tab on the emulator settings.

Beyond the obvious advantage of that change (separating them from the pnach files, although some of them can be put there yet) was the patches can be included in the games database which accompany PCSX2 install and can be automatically applied for the specific game if "Automatic game fixes" is active (these are what were called patches once upon a time).

In the general sense, devina40 already gave a correct answer. The patch is meant to correct errors/bugs or just improve the experience in applications/games while the cheats don't need explanation Smile

Edit: for some reason applications tend to call their "patches" as updates Smile
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