can configure my pc HELP
Hi,i am new at this,and cant configure what to doo.
i have old pc.
i read lots of post but still,can adjuset.
amd sempron 1.91 GHz (only SSE,not SSE)
GF FX 5200,(suport pixel shader 2.0)
I have all versions from net of PCSX2 (from 0.4 to 1.0.0).
i combine many GS whit difrent versions of PCSX stil nothing.
can use any of GSxd (they are sse2),so i use ZeroGS 0.97.1
i have all bios.(us,europe,japan,2002,2004,2006).i use US beacose the game is US (the last airbender 2006).
curently i use PCSX2 0.97.
game starts and from 60fps in 10s its 4fps and its pop-up standard windows mesage"encounted problem,sory for in....)
please help i am desperate...

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Quote:i have all bios.(us,europe,japan,2002,2004,2006).
unless you can prove us you actually own all those PS2s, I'll close this for piracy
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