can i help pcsx2 ? !
hi anybody
i'm amir and live in iran
just want to help pcsx2 translate,how can I get to work Blush
how to make a .mo file for pcsx2 language ?
i can write a full help pcsx2 9.8 for persian

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i started to translate and creat mo files Laugh
I try finish that in this Month
i love PCSX2 :x
i translated 50 % of file
give download link soon ...
i have a problem whit poedit software
when i want save the file
see this error :
Poedit Error
msgfmt: found 13 fatal errors
then i click ok and see file saved
error for what ?
i translate 50% main file, carefully Smile
Merged your posts together, next time please use the edit button instead of multiple posting. Thanks.
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