can i play monster rancher 4 here?
this is my specs.

AMD sempron processor 3000+
1.5gb ram
Geforce FX 5500 256.mb

just want to know and can u give me some config for better playing thx a lot

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Dont know about this specific game but you dont have a fast enough computer for most games sorry.
Core i5 3570k -- Geforce GTX 670  --  Windows 7 x64
awch is that so? ok thx for replying to my question. . T_T
Your computers specs are a little bit low, but are somewhat similar to mine, and i happen to be playing monster rancher 4 right now (does pcsx2 have online capability?) i dont know how fast it will run but ill guide you through getting it set up to properly run the game at a high speed. Right now im trying to figure out a fix to make it able to get new monsters from swapped cds (i think theres a trick but simply swapping cds doesnt work as im told)
I have an amd opteron 148 (Athlon-64 FX-55, only the server version lower clock higher stability) @ 2.75GHz which is about 35-50% faster than yours but that may be ok since there are plenty of things that you can do in the settings to speed up this game nicely, im going to take some pictures of the settings pages and upload them for you
Oh btw i would strongly reccomend downloading the beta version on the downloads page then submenu betas (open betas?) im not sure what it is called. Your probably also going to have to download the directx if it pops up saying dx11_something.dll is missing when you go into config. (there is a link on the beta page and if not you are looking for a file called dxwebsetup.exe google it)

ok here are the pictures
1st is graphics config on the left and main config screen on the right (im using the pad plugin and cd plugin from the regular release copied into the beta release (the pad plugin ive got selected is easier to use with my game pad and with pressure sensitive buttons (quicker to setup too) and the cd plugin that im using is your best chance to get it to work with the cd swap although i have not yet tried just started playing today.

Next we have the sound configuration

The bios 2.20 ive found to be the fastest, and the most responsive pm me if you need help getting that from the same place as you got your game which i assume is out of the drive of your ps2, cuz thats where i got mine

now we need to go to config cpu
select the first 5 boxes on the left side and uncheck the last on the left

then go to speed hacks
all 3 checks in the middle
top check on right and slider all the way to the right (this is why you need the beta that took my framerate in game from 32 (almost unplayable striaght up to the limiter Laugh works perfectly)

and finally in advanced do this in both the top half and the bottom half exactly the same
clamp None
top two check boxes

These settings would seem to make a game completely unstable, but ive yet to have a crash almost a game year into the game with the only problem ive seen so far is the images for the skills are only visible when skill screen is first selected then they fade out but if you highlight the blanks it gives the info on the bottom Laugh
These settings do decrease the image quality but i believe that is neccesary for the game to run smoothly (dont be turned off by the intro video being choppy and the sound being horrible in it, everything will be better in game)

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