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can i run pcsx2 and games on my processor
hi his my requirements

amd athlon x2 4200+ 2.21 can be clocked to 2.52 ghz
2 gig of ddr2 ram
geforce 8500gt 512mb

plz tell me if i can run or not

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not at full speed, but yea, you can
what process speed would i need to have games running smooth
most report 3.2 dual core. (I tihnk it's somewhat less than that for many games, but that covers them all)
so a athlon x2 6000+ 3hz will keep it sweet
it'll be close enough
just seen a athlon x2 5600 2.9ghz for 50 quid
but cant seem to find a 6000+
the reason i ask is cause the warriors for ps2 only seem to get a 20 to 25 fps
yea, you need a faster processor

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