can my computer run pcsxw,jpcsp and dolphin at average speed
My specs are i7 720QM 3.0GHz with 3.0 GB of ram whith a graphics card of nvidia geforce 8800 and its windows 7

Sorry I meant pcsx2

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pcsx2->depends on the game you're trying to run
Dolphin-> i guess so. A better GPu would be a good idea, though.
jpcsp->very demanding in terms of CPU but I guess that should be ok if you're not looking for a full speed performance.
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Your CPU is not 4 cores clocked at 3Ghz it's 4 cores clocked at 1.6Ghz, but it can turbo a single core to 3Ghz.
The i7 720QM only turbos to 2.8.
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(04-22-2013, 05:29 AM)Dante3hs Wrote: The i7 720QM only turbos to 2.8.

Yeah I mixed it up with mine Tongue
For psp emulation you should totally try ppsspp instead of jpcsp ~ don't have psp myself, but my nephew does and like every longer holiday I can test those.
In simple comparism while game was damn laggy at 30fps tops in jpcsp the ppsspp ran at full speed suprisingly using like 5% of my crappy cpu not making budget gpu sweat either. This thing could probably run psp games on laptop's battery without draining it like crazy(compared to pcsx2, dolphin and surely jpcsp>.>).

It's still in very early stage, doesn't have such a great compatibility yet, but it's developed really fast and already those games which work flawlessly give much better experience than jpcsp and it's glitchy java interface;p. Controls suck a bit since they cannot be changed without using some third party programs or rebuilding the source, but it uses any xinput pad without problems, so it doesn't really matter.
With the crappy 720QM (at 3.0 Ghz or whatever they told you), you'd better forget the idea of running PCSX2, Dolphin, and JPCSP.
Not reading previous post, there is one answer which comes easily: What? should not be asked at their sites? Smile
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(04-22-2013, 07:52 AM)Livy Wrote: With the crappy 720QM (at 3.0 Ghz or whatever they told you), you'd better forget the idea of running PCSX2, Dolphin, and JPCSP.
so do you know a computer that can run all three at full speed
Is JPCSP still a garbled mess? Last time I tried it it was like playing even there most "compatible game" in an alpha stage of the game itself. It was horrible but at least there is progress being made with it though. I guess One should wait at least 2 years before it starts to shine.
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