can pcsx2 run ps1 games?
like FF9?

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answer is NO. use epsxe
what's the reason to run ff9 on pcsx2?
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short answer: no

long answer. pcsx2 has only enough PSX code as it needs to properly run, and there is no intention to put more in there
the only psxish games that run on pcsx2 are the PS2 Capcom collections like Streetfighter.
ok thx,
Sorry to bring this from the grave but the Search funtion doesnt give me a threat where it better fits.

I saw in the build patch notes that there was some working on PSX1 Code. So is there a plan to bring the ps1 Emulation in pcsx2 ? i know when you will do it needs time.

This it is what i see:

5921 ramapcsx2.code 2014-03-06 23:00:09 No build Initial work on getting further with PSX mode. Because the PSX rules!
All work done by Refraction, I'm just the commit guy for this.
Note: Missing Visual Studio 2012 / 2010 project files and Linux makefile additions.
Note2: PSX games don't work yet Tongue2
It is planned. We had a chat about this about 6 months ago.
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