can someone help me plz?
so after like 2 hours configuring psx2 0.9.6 following the guide on the forum and failling miserably only to find out it wasen't working because i needed to open it up with admin permission (dam vista!!!lol) i finally got it to work but i can't get the graphics right Wacko here is a screenshot

im using Vista...i have 4gb ram , Intel core 2 duo PC 2.26/2.27
My graphic card is Nvidia Geforce 9300M GS

Can anyone help me to put the graphics right plz?

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Are you starting your game with File=>Run CD\DVD or Run=>Execute because if it's the second one then that's your problem.The GSdx plugin set automatically the FFX fix on for that problem if he find the CRC and when you're starting a game with Run=>Execute that will never happen.
Damm its impressive how its always something so simple o_O thx its working fine now Tongue2

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