can't find settings thread for ICO
please help me searching

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Why i think the Default settings should work fine. I guess. Is it running slow or you are encountering graphics problems? Smile
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Go to Google and search these forums with it. Ico

If you're looking for anything else, replace "Ico" with whatever you're looking for. Smile
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the game froze on the very beginning when the sword was shown. meanwhile i changed 1) emulation settings -> EE/IOP - Clamping Mode to "Extra + Preserve Sign" and 2) emulation settings -> VUs - Clamping Mode to "Extra". also i enabled offset hack. now i have only one question left: how can i use offset hack AND have no broken border on the right side of the screen?

EDIT: ups^^ didn't se the other replies. thank you guys!
Did you enable offset hack? To use Offset Hack, Modify the GSDX.ini(it could be in My Documents/PCSX2/Inis or in the Inis Folder where you have installed PCSX2)

Add this line

GSdx.ini Wrote:allowhacks=1

And while configuring your GSdx tick the Offset Hack.

Hope it helps Smile
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yes, i enable it because it's the only way to get good graphics result (no wrong boom and crisp contours). but.. the left border is not nice now in most rooms.

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