can't get analog sticks to work with ps3 controller
Hi all!
love pcsx2, been waiting to try it (just got a pc that can run it).

I currently have a Medion X6812 ("gaming")laptop with:
intel core I5 (4 cores running at 2.53 GHz)
Nvidia geforce gtx 460m 1.5 GB
OS: Ubuntu (gnu/linux) 10.10
using pcsx2 (svn) oct 6 2010
using qtsixa 1.5.0 for the bluetooth connection.
PLAYSTATION®3 Controller
(ps3 sixaxis controller)
Timesplitters (3) future perfect

the game runs between 30 and 50 fps (good enough for me)
all the buttons work except for the analog sticks. i cant move or move view in-game, but i can shoot/reload etc. i've been playing with the keyboard, witch is very difficult.., in the plugin setting when i click "up" (left analog) and push the L-analog up it registers the setting, but in-game it does nothing..

any ideas how to fix this?
(i really don't like playing with the keyboard)


i've set lx/y ant rx/y with analog up and down, the analoges work as i can scroll menus, but in-game it only goes diagonal..

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