can't move in GTA: SA
For some reason, I cannot move my character in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, however, the left analog stick DOES work in the pause menu. Is this an issue with my drivers or my controller. Specs are below:

CPU: Intel Pentium G3220 (Don't worry, this game is still playable)
GPU: Nvidia GTX 650 Ti 1 GB
PCSX2 Ver: 1.2.1

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Maybe you need to use the D-Pad not the analog sticks?

Btw. you don't need to defend your cpu. It is actually quite nice for emulation... especially when overclocked.
No, i've played this before on my PS2, and you couldn't even move using the analog sticks. BTW, i haven't overclocked, but the Haswell cores are quite nice for emulation (I can even run dolphin at 60 fps).
I would suggest you show the first to tab pages of lilypad settings.

Additionally you can try what happens if you bind the analog input to a keyboard key to check if the game is the problem or the controller.

Maybe you can post all non-default settings and the emulog after problem occurred.

Unfortunately I have to go to bed now so good luck to find a solution to your problem. (I guess it will be solved soon)
Problem fixed! I cleared all controller bindings and re-assigned them. Apparantly, they will only assign if i press the button/command 3 times.

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