can't play Valkyrie Profile 2 HELP PLEASE
DAMMIT..... after go through some methods like buy the new CD so i have 2 unworking Valkyrie Profile 2, using both pcsx 0.9.6 and the beta version 0.9.7, and reconfig the plugins, the result is ZERO... i can't play that,
it says '' error to load pnach '' well, i know that's because im not using any patch, and there is no other display at the console window beside that, so.....................

someone please help me get out of this trouble....... i'm totally massacred,,,,,,,,,

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can you post some screen shots? maybe try not checking the enable patches or cheats at the pcsx2 system tab..

The reason for the pnach message is the "Enable cheat" is set on and you don't have the file, still it's not an error indeed.

The Enable patches can be left on, it works searching the games database (a file included in your installation) and applies automatically the game fix for specific games.

Now, about what happens Darkvirus is right, we can't guess what is going on if we don't know what your machine is and how you configured the plugins.

So, at least post:

your CPU brand and model, preferably with the raw clock speed.
Your Video card brand and model
The amount of RAM
The OS used (Vista, 7, XP)

The plugins being used and their configuration. And finally the speed hacks used, if so.

Be aware that is a very demanding game which will be sluggish in all minus the most powerful machines out there. Still you should get at least it starting...
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try run the game 1st w/o patches and have you enable the tri-ace fix in the "gamefixes" section
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