can't start Gundam Seed Destiny RvZ 2 plus
i'd tried all d settings...
trying all d graphics plugins and everything...
when i run it...
it doesn't load the image i mounted on a drive??
n there is a problem when i try 2 use the linuz iso plugin...
it says error loading .iso file n couldn't compress it...
another thing is, when i start d PCSX2, there is this error message on the output window:
"Plugin load failure: bla\bla\bla\ZeroGS.dl
SysLibError Message: <NULL>"
y does it have error loading d ZeroGS.dl??

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Unmount the image... If the image is mounted and you use the linuz plugin, it will say have a conflict when trying to load it.

Not sure about the zeroGS error... Use gsdx plugin either way as it has better graphics quality/speed/compatibility.
[Image: 2748844.png]

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