can this emulator run on a ps3 running yellow dog linux?

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Most probably not,and if you could get it to run,it would run horribly Tongue Does that linux distro even have OpenGL to begin with? Because you need that in order for any GS plugin to work
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right... i was assuming that it was running under the linux framework so it will work, but i never thought about the opengl Tongue
thx for the answer
If it did work, it would be interpreter only. however the program is compiled for X86 code, not Cell, so it would more than likely not run.
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No, it would not be work at all. You simply could not compile it under Cell architecture. VTLB memory system is x86 specific (and this is one main issue), SSE2 requirements could not be avoided. Well, as I recall, last revisions could not be compiled on x86 without -msse switch.

Platform independent program -- one of the hardest task, and platform independent emulator is trice harder.
The "hypervisor" that linux runs ontop of dose not allow much access to the PS3's hardware (mainly the RSX (GPU))- this means that most complex games have trouble running.
although PCSX2 in not a graphic intense program, it is by no means simple

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