can this pc run pcsx2
can this pc run KH or any games using pcsx2 without any lag...

[Image: wew.jpg]

when i try some 3d ds games on ds emulator, it lags

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(04-24-2011, 06:27 AM)akakaka23 Wrote: can this pc run KH or any games using pcsx2 without any lag...

I vote "No". Kinda hard to avoid lag with an integrated GPU.

KH may come out playable at native resolution with Speedhacks, though. Smile
it lags cause your gpu is really bad (wayyyyyyyyyy old and wayyyyyyy slow even when it was new!) and your cpu is just a single core one.

sorry but no way for you playing kh or any other games without any lag but maybe you can get like 80% speed [or at least i hope you do] (except some REALLY low end ones, if you search there is a topic with some games with low requirements, be aware that most (if not all) of these games are 2D).

dont forget to update to sp3 and do your direct X updates (and the gpu driver also).
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Pcsx2: Always Latest
80%?! He'd be lucky if he could squeeze out 50% with his specs!
I have a desktop that is similar to that and I've only been able to get anywhere in the 20-60 range depending on the game.
(04-24-2011, 07:21 AM)iakoboss7 Wrote: ...and your cpu is just a single core one.

Actually, it's a dual core, boss. Tongue
Yes! But 2d games .With 2d games you might expect 40-45fps (with all speedhacks etc....) Smile
Well try if you can upgrade to any modern cpu and gpu as well!
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I can get 60fps on KH2 with the software renderer on my Q6600 2.4GHZ. Hooray you can get 45fps on KH2

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