cant get 0.9.8 to load a game
i can get everything else to run fine. ran the bios and it checks out fine. but when i try to load a game, it crashes. i only have one game (fire pro wrestling returns, us version, actual cd and not iso image). works fine on 0.9.6 aside from a crash when you try to enter a barbwire deathmatch. havent tried it on 0.9.7 as i just downloaded it. i would prefer to use 0.9.8 if possible. any help on getting it working properly would be greatly appreciated

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Rip the ISO from the CD and try it that way. Running the ISO is faster and most of the time more stable than running from the CD.
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how do i do that? a bit of a newbie as far as that goes. and i THINK i figured it out a bit. found a file on the cd called slus something or other which i believe is the game itself but it refuses to run. what am i doin wrong?
Use Imgburn to make an ISO of the disc. It's very straight-forward. Wink
thank you so much! ill get right on it!
got imageburn to work and voila! the image loads! a bit slow but i think i can fix that. having a hell of a time trying to configure my pc game controller so i can use it with this. once thats done i can properly test it and see if it works better than 0.9.6

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