cant get pcsx2 to read discs
cant get pcxs2 to read discs

already have the bios and plugins configured
i run pcsx2 and cant bring up the discs in the ps2 browser
It's Time.

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Go to config->cdvdrom and select your dvd drive.
tells me theres "nothing to configure
It's Time.
Sounds like you're using CDVDnull. Go to config and change the plug-in to linuz iso (if you are running from an iso) or gigaherz (if you are running from an actual disc).
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running a disc [GTA San Andreas]
giggaherz is not on my list of pluggins

also, only way i can run pcsx2 is in TLB(non vm)
considering this prog only calls for 1 gig ram and 3ghz process
and am runnin 3 gigs on amd athlon x2 64 dual core and am still gettin an error message sayin it cant find adequite ram??
It's Time.
Version 0.9.6 onwards do longer have that TLB mode. You might be using an old version.

Install 0.9.6 or beta 1474 instead.
good call
dloaded 0.9.6
disc reads but pcsx2 crashes before game can be opened
gives " pcsx2 has encountered a problem and needs to close" every time game starts to run
Do this.

Go to config->cdvdrom and select your dvd drive.

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