cant run final fantasy X, narrowed it to 3 errors
First off, thank you to everyone who made this project successful.

system: windows vista 32, t7300 intel core 2 duo 2.00ghz
nvidia quadro fx 570m 256mg, directx10

I am unable to run pcsx2 emulator. I'm trying to run final fantasy 10. First, I followed bositman's official guide in setting in up. I used various combinations in terms of the graphics plugins and cdvd plugins. The closest I could get after playing around and searching this forum is this:

I see 3 errors that I simply cannot figure out. The first one is that the software claims that my final fantasy 10 is illegal. At the very least, my copy of it looks legit, unless gamestop did something to it. Second, system.cnf cannot be found even though I see it when i open up my dvd drive. Finally, the new screen that pops up says "please insect a playstation disc" doesnt make sense since the disc is already in there.

As always, any information would be greatly appreciated. Laugh

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illegal doesn't necessarily means 'pirated' Smile) in this case it must mean something like "not valid" Smile

Most likely, sounds like your ISO or DVD is corrupted.

Oh yeah, it may also be caused by the DVD plugin you use. You're better off making an ISO and using it to play.
likely the CDVD plug-in input was invalid....or as said Cain's post highly possible that the game disc is corrupted or exposed.
we need an inspection by screenshot your CDVD plug-in configs
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