cant run r&c
I have been trying to get ratchet and clank to run but i just cant get a decent fps i get around 24 fps but i also get gfx issues such as missing textures and just general rubbish gfx i have tried using speed hacks which get the fps up but the games still runs slowly and still has the gfx issue i can fix the gfx issue if i put it into dx9 software mode but i get bad fps even with the speed hacks. anyone have any idea how to fix this.
image of gfx issue

my pc specs are amd athlon ii x4 645 3.1ghz oc to 3.6 ghz ati radeon 5770 8gb ddr3 1666 ram

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1 - get latest svn ( ) and enable MTVU hack since you have more tahn 2 cores.
2 - that game is glitched in hardware mode, but works ok in software mode. hit F9 to switch to software mode.

That said, your cpu will certainly not be up to the task to run it in software mode. 3.6 Ghz is a bit weak for this particular game, and pcsx2 perfomrs quite badly on AMD cpus.
Better play it on your PS2 until there's a fix for hardware mode.
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thx for the quick reply i tried the latest svn but still get that gfx issue and like you said my cpu wasn't good enough got around 25 fps in software mode and i also tried the different instruction setsbut the only one that works is the sse2 as my cpu only support sse1,2,3 and sse4a and sse4a is an amd only instruction set so probably wont be any support for that.

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