cant see the game, sort of
hi, can anyone hlp? i got the game and the bios fixed, i got the newest "patches" and downloadables from pcsx2, and all their recommended plugins on, but when it starts, all i see is the ps2 screen as if i had no cd in, all that shows is "Browser" and "System Configuration".. dunno how to make it so the game is started?

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Do you have "No disc" selected under the CDVD drop down menu?
(11-10-2010, 10:34 PM)Rezard Wrote: Do you have "No disc" selected under the CDVD drop down menu?

no, i got plugin chosen, but ive tried all 3, sometimes now i can under "browser" see 2 memorycards and 1 disc, but when i click the disc, it looks like its about to start, but then it just goes back to that "browser" screen again:/

Are you using an ISO or a Disc?
(11-11-2010, 07:33 AM)Chase_Payne Wrote: Are you using an ISO or a Disc?

iso, im trying different things now, and in the log, it shows;
impossible block clearing failure?
Insert the official disc that you bought and burned from and select PLUGIN.

Then, go to plugin menu -> plugin settings on CDVD plugin menu.
Select the drive that the offical disc is on.
new question then; i baught a saitek bla bla bla ps2 controller for pc, how i get that plugged in so it works with the emulator?
just plug it in to the pc and it should be seen by the pc. it MAY need drivers, there's a CD with it most likely with them.
You don't really wanna have to run from the physical disc. It's slower. Perhaps you just got a bad rip.

Try making a new ISO of the game with ImgBurn. It's very reliable.

Also, I suggest you use the "Iso" option in the CDVD menu. If you don't browse your image with the Iso Selector, it should prompt you when you try to Boot CDVD (fast).

BTW - You're not mounting the ISO with another program, right? And maybe it wouldn't be a bad idea to mention what game you're trying. Unless you know full and well that the game has no issues, but some games have trouble booting (or won't at all).

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