cant use the controls
its the new one and this is my first time using it , i set up the controls i did try all the different types to see if it was it but when i run the disk i cant get past the browser page any idea , plus the seting dissappear after u x out?
plz help , thanks in advance


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Are you using windows Vista or 7? If so, right click PCSX2 and click on "run as administrator".
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Do you mean you're using the new gui? If so, I'm running as administrator but none of the changes I make in lilypad are saving, I am able to change the settings of other plugins though. Luckily, I imported my settings so I have working controls anyway, unluckily Kingdom Hearts doesn't seem to boot for me. Also, pressing escape to exit doesn't seem to work.

Edit: There's actually quite a few little bugs at the moment, but that's to be expected when the trunk is in an unstable state. I'd suggest just keeping an old build somewhere. One of the more fun bugs is that the boot screen is running at 60fps on my european bios, meaning it's all running slightly too fast (it's either that or it's because I can't find the FPS limiter, but since it's running at a consistent 60fps, I'm thinking it's a bug).
Simple solution: Don't use the new versions with the new GUI till is done. They are known bugs and there is no point in reporting them until the dev team says they want people testing it.
[Image: 2748844.png]
I'm actually just testing it for fun, it's nice to see the progression. I've kept my old build because I expected that it would probably be to early to use... though with the guys behind this project I wouldn't be surprised if it was running perfectly within a week.
It's not ready yet. Closed.
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