cdvd plugin questions
Hi, sorry for making this my first post.

I am attempting to play my copy of Tenchu on the PCSX2 beta version posted on here, but I can't find a working plugin for reading from the dvd drive.

I tried using the ones from the 0.9.6 version, but none of them show up in the list at all. I even tried playing the game with the 0.9.6 but I always get an error and PCSX2 closes immediately.

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There is a good chance your DVD drive may simply can't read PS2 DVDs. The vast majority of drives can, unfortunately if yours can't no amount of different plugin versions will fix that.

The only way around it would be to find another computer you can read the disc from, make disc images (ISO files) of your games, then transfer them back over to your main computer.
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I'm pretty sure my DVD drive can read the PS2 game since I am able to open it from my computer and explore the folders. I also made an ISO out of it >_>; So I suppose I don't really need another plugin, though it would save hard drive space if I could find a working one.
Odd... if you can make the ISOs there is absolutely no reason why the CDVD plugins wouldn't work.

Generally, it's better to run the ISOs anyways since the access speeds of PC DVD drives will end up causing a lot of slowdowns.
[Image: 2748844.png]
If you made an ISO,did you tried to set the CDVD plugin to Linuzappz ISO and select the image(DO NOT mount the ISO with some program like Daemon Tools when you're using Linuzappz ISO,just select the image and use File=>Run CD/DVD)

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